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""I love Verti-GO because I get to better myself as an athlete with unique training. Everyday you step in to Verti-GO, you can expect to learn something new, as well as be pushed and encouraged to make yourself better.""

Caitlin Kellner

""Verti-GO is not just a place where you go to get better in your sport. The coaches help you in so many ways above and beyond athletics. I definitely made improvements in my sport but I'm now a part of something bigger, a family, Team Verti-GO.""

Aaron Potter
Football, Track

"Being a collegiate track athlete I have seen and done the same workout for years. Verti-GO was a fun new way to workout and I could feel the difference in my strength and power! I highly recommend to all athletes!"

Gabi Gaines
Track & Field

"My 40 Time went from a 4.9 to a 4.63 and my vertical went from 30 inches to 38.5, which I jumped at a recruiting camp! I would definitely recommend doing Verti-GO Training!"

Darius Manuel

Before and Afters

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What you can Expect


We teach the foundational principals of athleticism. 

  • proper running technique

  • agility, coordination and body control skills
  • Balance, control and explosiveness.
  • Ongoing feedback, results and progress reports


Actual athletic results, data driven and guaranteed:

  • 4-10 vertical increases
  • Significant improvements in speed, technique and mechanics
  • Enhanced Change of Direction Abilities
  • Tangible Reaction improvements


We instill the mindset needed to become an elite athlete/person. We positively shift beliefs on what can and cannot be achieved:

  • the Mentality needed for the next level
  • identify ability gaps and teach the skills to overcome them
  • instill the habits and routines to automate success

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All the tools you need to become a successful Athlete.

Speed, Agility, Explosiveness, KNOWLEDGE

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