When you're an Athlete, everything else comes easy!

Everyone focuses on either skill or strength, and yes we need both. But without optimal athleticism, we are UNDERACHIEVING. We TRAIN ATHLETICISM with different forms of resistance and technology to simulate real life situations and therefore see DIRECT CORRELATION to the playing field. 


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Training athletes to become faster, jump higher, and increase overall athleticism through innovative training methods and equipment focusing on athletic movements.



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""I love Verti-GO because I get to better myself as an athlete with unique training. Everyday you step in to Verti-GO, you can expect to learn something new, as well as be pushed and encouraged to make yourself better.""

Caitlin Kellner

""Verti-GO is not just a place where you go to get better in your sport. The coaches help you in so many ways above and beyond athletics. I definitely made improvements in my sport but I'm now a part of something bigger, a family, Team Verti-GO.""

Aaron Potter
Football, Track

"Being a collegiate track athlete I have seen and done the same workout for years. Verti-GO was a fun new way to workout and I could feel the difference in my strength and power! I highly recommend to all athletes!"

Gabi Gaines
Track & Field

"My 40 Time went from a 4.9 to a 4.63 and my vertical went from 30 inches to 38.5, which I jumped at a recruiting camp! I would definitely recommend doing Verti-GO Training!"

Darius Manuel

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