The most important habit

“The most important habit is choosing the right habit to work on."

- James Clear

Edward Caruthers was the high jump silver medalist 🥈 in the 1968 Olympics.

No doubt, Caruthers endured endless hours of training, technique work and discipline to reach that level.

It wasn't from a lack of effort, focus or talent that Caruthers missed out on the gold medal, he was simply working on the wrong habit.

The Gold medal 🥇 winner of the 1968 High Jump was Dick Fosbury.

Fosbury was the very first competitor to jump over the bar back first.

Every other competitor was still jumping over front first.

Imagine the hours of practice, study, and fine tuning these front first jumping competitors were doing, all on the wrong side. 

Needless to say, high jumpers today go over the bar backwards.

Working on the right habit is the first and most important habit of all.


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